Guerrilla Flotilla 2006


Call for Participation

An Aquatic Profusion of Watercraft and Sculpture! (and Picnic)

An Event of Substantial Daring!

An Extravaganza of Artificication!

Not in a Decade has this Ancient Artery of Commerce seen such a Hubbub!

Saturday April 15th, Noon, North Avenue Turning Basin (map)

Rain Date: T.B.D

For those who wish to participate, a few commonsense rules:

Leave No Trace - bring what you like, but take it with you. You are responsible for yourself, launching and landing your craft/ installation and your helpers. If you leave anything behind, expect it to show up at your doorstep courtesy of The Guerrilla Flotilla Unauthorities.

There is no organizing body, and we all disclaim responsibility, as well as indemnifying ourselves completely from all responsibility. Any self-respecting Guerrilla Flotilla would expect a reasonable standard of common sense from participants. Activities on the water may be hazardous and illegal. The Guerrilla Flotilla Unauthorities reserves the right to veto the launching of any project. A launch veto is final and subject to no appeal.

You may get a boat licence for $22 from for a home built boat if you are so inclined. If the Coast Guard turns up and determines you are a hazard to navigation, we have never met.

A word to the wise... It is recommended to keep out of direct contact with the river. Despite ongoing cleaning of the river it is still classified as polluted. (You can get a very serious infection from any open wounds) So no swimming.

For more information or communication or indulgent whining contact

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